A couple on a romantic picnic date


Date Night Ideas can be tricky! No matter the season your relationship is in, dating should never stop. The excitement of the first date can hardly be replicated but the fun most certainly can with these fun date ideas. Dates can take place during the day, at night, in your home for new parents or those in quarantine. They can be inexpensive or luxurious. Not matter what you are into, these date ideas are sure to help bring back the romance or keep the spark alive. Print these out and put them in your “Date Jar”. Take turns planning, reconnecting and falling in love for the first time or over and over again. For a more luxurious date night visit www.giftedbyessy.com to get help with planning your date nights.

1.  Dress up and rent a luxury car for a day and have a luxurious date night

2.  Wine or whiskey tasting: DIY or at a local winery

3.  Cooking classes can be a sexy and fun date night

4.  Art museum and dessert is a perfect combination for a sophisticated couple looking for a fun date night

5.  Checkout your local visitor’s bureau and tour the city like a visitor


7.  Dance Lessons

8.  Hike and a picnic (Have a charcuterie board with drinks delivered to your picnic site)

9.  Go to a comedy show

10.  Day at the beach

11. A dive bar with live music – dance the night away

12. Lunch date rendezvous

13. Axe throwing

14. Couple’s Massage

15. Go Kart Racing is a fun date that keeps your heart racing.

16. Find a nook in a bookstore and read “joke books” to each other.

17. Test drive your dream car and share dreams with your date. What a fun date for a couple with big dreams.

18. Visit a local farmers market for breakfast & buy ingredients to make dinner together

19. Shoot pool is a fun first date that allows you to flirt with your date

20. An escape room makes for a fun date night

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