Gift Ideas that Work Well for Every Love Language

The artistry of gift-giving can be quite daunting for many people. While for some, they may be natural last-minute shoppers, for others, they simply fall flat on giving a good gift that can be genuinely appreciated. Instead of asking for hints or boggling your brain of what that perfect gift could be, you may want to look deeper at the type of person you’re buying for, more specifically, their love language. In the New York Times Bestseller, The Five Love Languages: How to Express Heartfelt Commitment to Your Mate, by Gary Chapman, everyone has the opportunity to not only learn and understand their own love language but their partners. As a tool for healthier relationships, improved communication, and more, it also lends insight into the items that bring them joy and happiness. When we use what we know about our partner’s personality, it can become easier to do important tasks, such as choosing the right gift for them. While each love language comes with its own description and traits, it’s essential to use this information as a guide for gift ideas that set you up for success.  

Acts of Service 

If your partner’s primary love language is Acts of Service, they may feel the most love and appreciation when you assist them with tasks. Although taking over household duties doesn’t signify a gift, you can certainly brainstorm ways to evoke that same feeling with gifts catered to serving them. For some, this can look like hiring a personal chef to supply them with a week worth of fresh food. It can also be a gift card to their favorite workout class or even an at-home gym machine. Although this isn’t a traditional gift-giving of one material item, think of these types of gifts that will help make their lives a little bit easier.   

Words of Affirmation 

For those who gravitate more towards the love language of Words of Affirmation, actions absolutely do not speak louder than words. Unlike performing kind acts of service for your partner, it’s important to be intentional and kind with what you say. In this category of gift-giving, you may want to think about the outcome of the gift. For example, a couple’s card game that offers the opportunity to express how you feel about your partner will fuel their need to feel loved through words. It also provides the perfect gift to present a hand-written love letter that they can keep forever and read repeatedly. As long as they are able to feel the appreciation and love through your words in the form of a gift, you can’t go wrong. 

Quality Time 

It’s all about spending those special moments together for those whose love language is Quality Time. From vacations to building something together, or simply doing something that you both can enjoy and make memories, the important thing to them is that you’re there and appreciate their presence. When you brainstorm about what type of gift your partner will love, it’s imperative that you add yourself to that equation as well, especially if it’s something they really like. Make it a point that you’re not only giving this gift but want to make it a shareable experience for you both to remember forever.

Receiving Gifts 

Don’t assume you’re off the hook if your partner’s love language is Receiving Gifts. They are often the trickiest people to shop for, and if you’re not thoughtful in your decision, it can open the possibility for an epic fail. When you want to connect to your partner with this love language, you have to remember that all gifts, whether small and daily or big and grand, remind them of how much they matter to you. Effort and listening play a big role in this gift-giving process. Perhaps you’ve heard them mention taking a class they were interested in, or a special item they’ve been eyeing lately, something that shows that you not only care about them but are listening to them can make your partner feel so loved. This is also the perfect person to buy customized gifts for, just to add that extra layer of thoughtfulness.

Physical Touch 

Possibly one of the most misunderstood love languages out of the five, if your partner’s love language is Physical Touch, it goes beyond the bedroom to present them with the ultimate gift. While you may notice your partner enjoys frequent hand-holding, hugging, and gentle touches, similar to Quality Time, they want to feel loved and cared for. While a coupon for 100 hugs can surely turn into something more, your partner would also find joy in a meaningful gift such as a sultry one-on-one dance class. If dancing isn’t their favorite activity, a beautifully handcrafted spa set, along with a private massage, can allow them to feel that physical closeness while still being appreciated and cared for at the same time.

No matter your partner’s love language, giving your loved one a gift curated from care and intention is always an important aspect. But understanding how they like to be loved can provide you with a helpful guide that can save you a lot of time and money in the long run. A gift tailored to their love language is the perfect way to spark that fire and show them that you want to fuel their love in a way that can be translated into a successful relationship. Understanding anyone’s love language in your life allows you to better identify their needs, show appreciation and finally feel confident in the art of gift-giving.

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